Discover Patriotic Academy

Discover Patriotic Academy, a private virtual school for students in grades K-12. You will find quality traditional education, flexible schedules and caring teachers, who give one on one attention to students. Our well-rounded curriculum includes subjects like Civic Studies, American History and Constitution.

Mission, Vision & Core Values

Patriotic Academy seeks to provide traditional education through an online-based curriculum. We believe that everyone has a right to quality education and we are offering a personalized learning experience through an interactive and engaging online curriculum. Our vision is to provide our students with a high-quality personal educational experience, which will prepare them for success in life. Patriotic Academy values integrity, responsibility, leadership and teamwork.


Why choose us?

Patriotic Academy serves elementary, middle, and high school students who are willing to be challenged to become the best students and citizens they can be. Our well-rounded curriculum, along with other subjects, includes courses relevant to civic education and constitution values. Our goal is to provide students with high quality online education, which will ensure their success in life. This goal is realised by having:

  • One on one attention
    Well balanced strong curriculum
  • Innovative Methods
    More traditional approach to education
  • Qualified Teachers
    Experienced and caring staff
  • Feasibility ( 100 % Remote)
    Flexible schedule
  • Serving students all over the United States as well as those living abroad.
    Affordable and competitive fee structure
  • Full time Part Time
    One on one attention


To provide high-quality virtual learning opportunity with traditional approach to education and to become the reviver of civic education

Hear from those who really matter to us!


What sets us apart!


Learn at your own pace

Flexible schedules let you pick when and how often you want to go to school – with most courses being offered online, you’ll be able to go at your convenience while still getting the same quality education as someone who goes more often.

Online teaching programs are becoming more popular with students who want to find time to work around their own schedules. This way they can take courses without the worry of fitting them in with work or other responsibilities. They are also free from the physical constraints of attending traditional schools and get the flexibility of taking courses online.


Online education with personal care

We believe in creating a nurturing environment where students can thrive. Our teachers provide individualized attention so each student gets the help they need to succeed – no matter how far behind they are. They’re here to help you learn, not just teach!

At Patriotic Academy Inc, we arrange special doubt clearance sessions with the parents if required. Students for us are the partners in our success story whom we cherish. At Patriotic Academy Inc, our aim is to deliver creative and innovative educational solutions with a humane touch.


Quality Education Guaranteed

Patriotic Academy Inc is committed to providing our students with the best in education. We offer quality courses that are up-to-date in both content and technology so you can be sure you’re getting the best of what’s out there. Don’t settle for less than the best! Caring Teachers Who Care About You.


Affordable Learning

Patriotic Academy Inc offers high-quality courses at an affordable price – because everyone deserves the opportunity to better themselves. That’s why there are no hidden costs or nasty surprises when you sign up for one of our courses. Just upfront pricing with no unpleasant surprises!


Flexible Courses

We offer full-time courses for those who are committed to building their careers, as well as part-time courses for those who are juggling work and study commitments. Whatever your needs, we’ve got something for you!

Join Us On Our Mission

Patriotic Academy Inc is an online education website that strives to provide its students with the best, high-quality education in the USA & across the globe.