Middle School Curriculum

Rigorous Courses Designed For Students To Make Them Future Ready

Patriotic Academy offers online courses for middle school students. Students in grades 6 to 8 are required to take 4 courses per year. However, most of the students take up to 2 additional courses such as foreign language, art, journalism, and others

The basic curriculum for middle school is shown below:

6th Grade

  • Language Arts 1
  • Grade 6 Mathematics
  • World History+
  • Life Science or Comprehensive Science 1+*

7th Grade

  • Language Arts 2
  • Grade 7 Mathematics
  • Civics+
  • Earth/ Space Science or Comprehensive Science 2+*

8th Grade

  • Language Arts 3
  • Pre-Algebra
  • United States History+
  • Physical Science or Comprehensive Science 3+*

(+) An advanced version of these courses is also available for middle school students.

(*) If the student picks Comprehensive Science as a subject, where Earth/ Space Science and Physical Science are all mixed in, then this subject will become compulsory for the student to take for all three years. Students who are transferring to the Patriotic Academy after 6th grade can take Comprehensive Science, only if they were taking it in their previous school. Otherwise, they have to choose a specific science course like Earth/ Space Science and Physical Science.
In case a student has already taken a course, a different one will be assigned to them. For example, if the student entering our academy in 7th grade already had the Civics course, but not the World History one, then they will be assigned the World History course.

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